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Arts Festival 17th, 18th May 2014


A big thank you to all who took part in the recent Arts Festival as exhibitors, helpers or visitors.

It was a wonderful week-end, demonstrating village talent, the ability to work together with a cohesive team and the warmth and friendliness of Mobstead. It was a privilege to welcome The Honourable Lady Jane Heber-Percy, wife of the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, who opened the Festival and spent time talking to exhibitors.


We had 650 + visitors though the door during the week-end many of whom commented on the wonderful atmosphere, the beautiful hall and the warmth of the welcome they received. The event has resulted in a goodly sum for the Millennium Community Centre.


Raffle prizes were won by Pat Holmes -first prize, Jackie Edwards - second prize, Fiona Willmott- third prize, Roger Surridge - fourth prize.


The catalogue prize number draw was won by Ian Macbeth.


Village support was greatly appreciated particularly in memory of Jacqui Talbot.

1011808_763436003680396_7386007401462130991_n Art Festival 2 2024 Jackie Stuart Tony Frost

The Honourable Lady Jane Heber-Percy with three of the organisers.

Glimpse of the festival in full swing.

Stuart Bishop with his creation (French Washer Woman made from 9200 washers) taken with the buyer.

Tony Frost, Chairman of the Millennium Community Centre and Festival Committee.

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